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Operation Rock-a-Bye-Baby

We are currently at our wits’ end trying to get Ethan to sleep through the night.

Plan A
When he wakes up and cries, we decided that Pete would be the first one to pick him up. Only if he doesn’t quiet down after several minutes, would I go and attend to him.
What Happened
Ethan woke up, cried and Pete carried him from his cot. Ethan kicked and screamed even louder for a good 3-5 minutes. But when Pete passed Ethan to me, he immediately closed his eyes, quietened down and fell asleep. Just like MAGIC.

Plan B
Remove part of the cot bumpers facing our bed, so that he can see his Daddy and Mommy sleeping from his cot (His cot is adjacent to our bed). We even put his favorite soft toys in the cot with him.
What Happened
When he woke up and cried, he immediately rolled over. Although he eventually realized that we were just sleeping nearby, he still kept on waking up frequently. So much for Plan B then.

Plan C
Allow him to sleep with us, as a sign of reassurance and security. Before this, Pete and I were kinda afraid to allow co-sleeping, because we were afraid we would unconsciously roll on top of him. But because we were willing and desperate to try anything now, we thought we would give it a shot.
What Happened
When Ethan woke up at about midnight, we removed his sleeping sack, I breastfed him, he fell asleep and we placed him between us. Guess what? He slept till 5a.m.!

So until we regain our strength and energy lost during the few weeks of sleepless nights, we’ll let him sleep with us.


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