Bible Verse of the Day


Our Ethan boy can stand aided now!We just got back home from our short trip to Ipoh and Taiping over the past 3 days, and when we reached our apartment, Ethan’s face immediately lit up!

I put him in his playard while I brought in our other stuff from the corridor. Next thing I knew, when I checked on him, he was grabbing the edges of the playard, standing away happily! He played with his toys and he looked SO CHEERFUL. It was as though he really missed them all, and he especially missed his home sweet home…

One funny thing I noticed is that Ethan is a very “ai-bin” (eksyen in Hokkien) little fella. He would grab the edge of his cot, stand up and then release one hand and look at us, as if to say “Ta-daa!! I can stand now! Applause please!” A confident young man in the making, perhaps?


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