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Daddy’s finally back…and a poop encounter

Last Monday morning, Ethan and I woke up nice and early, and got ourselves ready to go to the airport to fetch Daddy. Daddy had been away in the States for two weeks now, was supposed to be back on Sunday, but because of some flight delay, he only arrived on Monday morning. I had been telling Ethan about Daddy’s return and I could tell he understands. When he woke up on Monday, he looked over to Daddy’s side of the bed and said “Daddy!”

Anyway, off we went to the airport. The last time I took Ethan along to fetch Pete from the airport, Ethan was hardly 2 months’ old. But the last time Ethan stepped foot in the airport was during our Singapore trip last year. Upon arrival, Ethan pulled my hand and headed straight for the escalator, but I told him I wanted to check first if Daddy’s plane had landed…and it had! So I told him we’d only go one round up the escalator and down the stairs, but because Pete had to wait a long time for his luggage, I had to take the restless Ethan up and down a second time.

When at last Ethan saw his Daddy coming through the arrival gates, his lips curled up in the sweetest smile imaginable, he gave his Daddy a hug and a kiss and reached his hands out to him. Pete had to carry Ethan around after that. Hahaha…. Ethan kept looking at his Daddy over and over again just to check that he was really back.

It’s definitely great to have Pete back again. This time round, Daddy really went overboard getting clothes for Ethan. Pete said that had I been in US, I would have bought even more!

I especially like the adorable pajamas he bought. It’s made snug-fitting on purpose because the material is flammable, and instead of the traditional long sleeve and long pants pjs, these were short-sleeved tees and shorts which are simply adorable and cute. Don’t you think Ethan would look cool in them? Gonna try them on him tonight…

For lunch, we went to the Fatty Loh chicken rice shop in Nagore Road (because the one in Fettes Park was closed and *someone* just HAD to have chicken rice). When we were almost done, Ethan asked to get out of his baby chair and made a straining face. Immediately, I hurried him off to the toilet at the back of the shop. Took off his jeans and Itti Bitti D’lish diapers (which were still unsoiled) and there and then, it marked the first time ever I helped Ethan poop in a public restroom. Cleaned him and dressed him up again, and we were on our way. So proud of him.

And since Pete’s return, Ethan has been simply overjoyed. Walking up and down escalators with Daddy, wrestling with Daddy in bed and pulling Daddy to the swimming pool were just some of the activities he indulged in.

Then when Ethan was ready to call it a night, he laid down on the bed quietly, looking at Daddy with so much love, still taking it all in that his Daddy was indeed back home.

We’ve missed you Daddy…and we are SO GLAD you are back home 😀

  1. chanelwong’s avatar

    wow…sooo many nice clothes…

    Joyce says: Love them all!


  2. Angie’s avatar

    Wow.. so many things for Ethan.. How about mummy?

    Joyce says: Mommy’s one updated in the other blog 😛


  3. sasha’s avatar

    Wah wah shopping spree and the clothes are all so nice!

    Joyce says: Nice hoh? I wish I could go on shopping spree too!


  4. michelle’s avatar

    Yeah I also think you will buy more too…:P

    Joyce says: I know you definitely will!


  5. rinnah’s avatar

    I like the pee-jays that say “Mr. Independent”! How appropriate at this age, rite?

    Joyce says: Yes, I love looking at him wearing that one too!


  6. Audrey’s avatar

    Hahaa the questions and comments waiting to spill out of my head are already posted looks like 😀 I’m glad Pete’s back I know how it is to miss hubby; next July its our turn to languish in missing-papa-dom… for 3 weeks 😛 O well..

    Joyce says: Well, I know it’s hard to believe, but trust me, 3 weeks will pass by in a jiffy!


  7. blessed mum’s avatar

    wow…all are just as nice…

    Joyce says: I haven’t gone through dressing Ethan up in all of them yet.


  8. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Nice!!! If only I could go to US now….the last time I went, it was before I was married. Wah if go now, I’ll come back with more bb clothes than for myself!! Did Pete visit the warehouses?? They are dirt cheap there….eg baby Gap overalls for US$5!

    Joyce says: Yeah, you’re talkin’ bout the factory outlets, yes? He bought only OshKosh and Carter’s this time around. Apparently the Gap ones were not too appealing.


  9. jazzmint’s avatar

    wah..daddy really shop till he drop in US

    Joyce says: Thankfully never drop la 😛


  10. Aunty J’s avatar

    Wowwww….so many new clothes for yoru Ethan…lucky him!! So what did your hubby got for you?? Must be a lot to hehehe…

    Joyce says: Yes, and while Ethan doesn’t seem too excited over the new clothes, his Mommy is the excited one!


  11. allthingspurple’s avatar

    i think mummy is the one who is thrilled over the new clothes, not Ethan. ha ha.

    Joyce says: Haha, you took those words right out of my mouth!


  12. slavemom’s avatar

    Yay for Ethan! For all the nice new clothes n oso for being able to ctrl his bowel movement. Mommy needed some time to take out the jeans n diaper mah. 😀

    Joyce says: Double yay!


  13. sting’s avatar

    those are quite a lot of clothes! he must be so happy coz he got his daddy back as well as new clothes. love the pee-jays too and short sleeves are so appropriate for our weather.. your hubby’s got good taste

    Joyce says: I love those peejays! I try to wash them and dry them as soon as possible, cos Ethan looks so adorable in them!


  14. huisia’s avatar

    wow..a lot of clothes…now i just can’t wait to follow hubby goes to State..emm..i think i have to earn more US dollar..haha

    Joyce says: You will have a field time shopping there!



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