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Field Trip to Taiping Zoo

Last Wednesday, Ethan’s school organized a field trip to Taiping Zoo.  An invitation was also extended to have one parent accompany the child on the trip.  Because I am still breastfeeding Hannah, Ethan went with his Daddy.  It was a good thing Pete managed to take the day off 🙂

A week before the field trip, Ethan had already begun counting down the days to the trip.  Each day, he would ask me what day it was, and then he would count how many days to go before he would reach Wednesday.

So he was very excited when the day finally arrived!  I dropped both boys at school in the morning, where they were to board a bus to Taiping.

Arrival at Taiping Zoo, everyone eager and raring to go

After running around in the hot sun, Ethan sporting a *cool* mohawk, courtesy of Daddy


Some of the zoo animals that they saw, while riding in the tram


Having a McDonald’s Happy Meal for lunch…doesn’t somebody look happy? 😛


…finishing up his iced Milo


Goodbye Taiping Zoo!  I had a great day today with Daddy!


Ethan sat with his Daddy on the bus on the way to the zoo, but he wanted to sit with his friends on the way back.

The field trip must have tired him out big time!  Ethan fell asleep on the way back home, after I picked them up from his school, and continued his LONG nap at home till about 5:00p.m.!  Definitely a record for Ethan because he hardly takes an afternoon nap.


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