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No Better Reason to Get a Car Wash

carwashScrap Credits
Romantic Spring Part 1 Papers from Noshay Designs & Manue Design
Template 225 from Simply Yin
So Much Fun Wordart from Studio Bethany

Last weekend, Daddy was *in a way* forced to go to the automated car wash because his newly-washed car had been “decorated” with purplish splats from a tree whose shade the car was under.  It was also the first time Hannah had been in an automated car wash.  Ethan had been to one before, but it was a long time ago, and it was his first time together with his sister.

Naturally, the kids were fascinated.  They squealed in delight as the “uncle” sprayed water on the car first and then they giggled happily as soap was then sprayed on the car and scrubbed all over.  The look of anticipation and excitement as the car moved through the washer and gigantic bristles was simply priceless.

Both kids agreed that we should do this more often.

…which was exactly what I did just yesterday, this time with my car!  🙂


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