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Getting a Haircut

It wasn’t easy finding a hair salon suitable for the kids over here.  Personally we feel haircuts are overpriced, but in any case, the kids were long overdue for a haircut and we decided to just walk in to a nearby salon after lunch last weekend.

This salon charges $12 for a kid’s haircut, not including tips.  And it was one of the cheapest we found too…

Anyway, the kids got their haircuts done at the same time, and they got to sit on these high cushions propped up on the regular salon chairs.

Ethan’s haircut took a little longer than Hannah’s because the hair stylist was not too adept at trimming his hair in the “slope-like” manner he was used to.

I forgot to mention that the $12 haircut also includes a hairwash, if you so desire.  I asked Hannah, and she was game for the hairwash, so this is the one and only picture I took of her having her first salon hairwash.

She seemed to enjoy it though, and didn’t mind the experience.  And now they both have brand new haircuts!! 😀


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