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The Beginning of Creative Writing

It is an absolute JOY to witness a child embarking on a wonderful journey filled with imagination beyond boundaries.  When a child starts putting thoughts and ideas into words and takes pen to paper, so to say, the possibilities are endless.

Where it happened pretty quickly with Ethan, so much so that I could not keep up, with Hannah, it has been a gradual process.  She first learned her phonics and sounds and then blending those sounds together to form words.  Her confidence in sounding out words as she attempts to read them has increased in leaps and bounds, and I cannot begin to say how proud I am of my little snowflake.

We read a story or two every night as a “nightcap” before we call it a day, and I am pleased that Hannah has been volunteering to read most of the words by herself!

Here’s a short descriptive sentence she wrote all by herself, complete with graphical illustration.  She came up with the words on her own and even spelled the words on her own by blending the sounds of the letters.


Awesome job, my dear!  Soon you’ll be writing pages and pages about big and fun ships! 🙂


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