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Bible Verse of the Day

The Caterpillar Shuffle

Ethan is able to sit for a much longer time now, with no support. However, when he gets tired, he will topple over to one side and move over to face his front. We like to put him on his playmat, as we feel it encourages him to use his limbs and allows him more freedom of movement. Anyway, once he is free to go on his playmat, he will begin to do the Caterpillar Shuffle.Instructions for the Caterpillar Shuffle (Ethan-style):

  1. Lie down on the floor, face front.
  2. Push up and support torso with arms.
  3. Push butt up and try to move forward.
  4. Move backwards a little.
  5. Roll over
  6. Squeal
  7. Rotate body (Clockwise or counter-clockwise depending on mood)
  8. Repeat the above steps in any order
  9. Repeat till tired

Ethan has been performing the Caterpillar Shuffle for some time now. But yesterday, to our delight, Ethan made some progress! He lifted his butt, and being attracted to his toy we placed in front of him, just out of his reach, he began pushing himself forward! His first crawl!Quickly, Pete grabbed the camera to record this historical moment. Unfortunately as soon as Ethan saw the camera, he stopped moving, turned to face the lens and SMILED a wide toothless grin. SIGH… this happened a few times – we tried cajoling him with the toy again and again, but our boy just wanted to pose for the camera.

In the end, we were not able to capture any shots of our crawling baby (YET). SORRY…. We’ll try again some other time (and be sure to post the shots).


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