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Bible Verse of the Day

Down with Flu

Me, that is…
I was out sick from work yesterday because I had one of my worst bouts of flu ever. I went to see the doc, who prescribed some medicine for me. I was reluctant to take the medicine though, because I was breastfeeding and didn’t want to pass any foreign drug-like substance to Ethan. So I called my pediatrician and told her the names of the medicine I was prescribed. She advised me against taking them because they cause drowsiness and this will be passed on to Ethan through my breast milk.
So to cut the long story short, I didn’t take the medicine at all and instead let nature take its course in healing me by drinking gallons of water and sleeping as much as I could. I could still breastfeed though, albeit I had to wear a mask. Ethan was very kepo and started to touch the face mask I was wearing. Haha…. In fact, by breastfeeding him especially now, I am passing on the antibodies for this strain of flu virus which I had caught. That’s one strain down, and a few hundred more to go….


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