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Poke poke tickle tickle!

Well, I guess I am gonna hit the 2-year mark for breastfeeding Ethan now, since it will only be a matter of days before Ethan hits 2. It seems like just yesterday that I was struggling with milk supply and here I am, proud to say that I have far exceeded my expectations 🙂 Weaning is still a battle we both have to overcome though, but I know this is a phase we must go through together, whether we like it or not.

One of Ethan’s unique habits while breastfeeding is to put his index finger into my belly button. I have no idea why he does this, neither do I know when this started. It’s almost like a belly button fetish, really. Most of the time, he will just let his finger rest in my belly button but sometimes, he will move his finger a little. Well, that tickles…definitely! So I will tell him to stop and gently take his hand away. But still he will keep doing it. Lately, I have started to sometimes give him a dose of tit for tat. He puts his finger in my belly button, I put my finger in his. Good plan, eh? Surprisingly though, he is not as ticklish as me. So we’re back to square one. Well, there goes my plan 😛

  1. rinnah’s avatar

    Haha… *rinnah jie tickles Ethan boy’s tum*

    Ethan boy giggles and laughs and kicks!


  2. mom2ashley’s avatar

    congrats on your bfing journey! you’ve come a long way eh?

    Joyce says: It has been a long journey but a really rewarding one.


  3. huisia’s avatar

    almost 2 yrs, woo, amazing! i think of continue my breastfeeding, but lately i totally do not feel any “fullness” even though i not feed the whole day. What should i eat to boost up my milk supply?

    Joyce says: You should continue as long as you can. There are many types of food you can eat to boost supply. Off the top of my head, drink lots of water, soya bean milk and soups. You might also want to try salmon. I find sashimi works wonders. Also, try making the papaya soup and the tofu soup. If you want to know more, let me know and I will email you


  4. Paik Ling’s avatar

    well done Joyce!

    Joyce says: Thanks PL!


  5. slavemom’s avatar

    2 yrs! *salute*

    Joyce says: Thanks!


  6. KittyCat’s avatar

    Wow – this is amazing! I really salute Moms who still breastfeed their kids right up to this age. My max was 12 months but Lucas decided to end it by 9 months. All the best with the weaning!

    Joyce says: He decided to end it? You got it easy that way!


  7. sharine’s avatar

    Wah! Salute you alot and somemore can nurse when having the tickle tickle… i’m sure I can’t do that coz I’ll burst into laughter… haha!

    Joyce says: Haha….sometimes I burst into laughter too!



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