Bible Verse of the Day

“I’m growing up…oh yes I am!”


Mommy is really busy these days, so I asked her permission to log in and keep my fans entertained.  I think it’s high time people out there see it from my point of view.  I hear Mommy and Daddy calling me a “little big boy” very often nowadays, so I know I have grown up in more ways than one.  Let me tell you what I mean…

I now willingly allow Mommy or Daddy to trim my nails (including toenails) while I sit comfortably on the sofa.  According to them, I used to kick and scream whenever they tried to cut my nails, but now I don’t see why I need to.  I treat the weekly sessions as relaxing manicure and pedicure sessions.  Aaahh….bliss!

Also in the grooming category, I go for monthly hair cuts at the salon now.  I love it when I put on the very colorful cape and my whole head gets a nice neat shave.  Thankfully, Mommy asked the hairdresser not to shave my head bald, instead I come out of the salon in an awesome macho crew cut Top Gun kinda hairstyle.  Daddy always says I look naughtier after a hair cut.

I also like to be independent and prefer to eat on my own if I can.  Sometimes if I am in a bad mood, I will refuse to eat until they allow me to hold my own fork and spoon.  Of course, 50% of the food I scoop up ends up on the floor, but it’s the thrill of holding the utensils that ignites my excitement.  The other day I managed to grab Mommy’s steak knife in Chili’s and she almost fainted.

Oh, I have also learnt how to step on and off the escalator on my own now.  Donno why Mommy and Daddy always insists on holding my hand.  I try to break free whenever I can, much to their shock.

In terms of fashion, I like to think of myself as having inherited Mommy’s delectable taste in fashion.  I absolutely love it that I am in wearing these groovy-looking cloth diapers all of the time now.  Mommy must think I look good too because she keeps snapping pictures of me in them!  Well sometimes Ah Poh, my babysitter, puts me in the traditional cloth nappy, which is fine if I am indoors, but I like to choose the design of diapers I am to wear if I go out.  I mean the other day, they wanted to put me in yellow diapers with a blue outfit?!!! Come ON!!!!  Of course, I struggled la…until they took out the blue matching diaper 🙂  For outer wear, I prefer comfortable shorts as opposed to pants and jeans.  Everyone should know why.

I’m picking up some personal hygiene habits too.  I love to brush my teeth after my shower every day now.  Mommy will sing this lovely “This is the way I brush my teeth” song, and I will brush and chew and gnaw away at the bristles.  Two days ago, I bit off some of the bristles, and Mommy suddenly stopped singing and became hysterical instead.  Donno why.  Oh…I also know now that cotton buds are used to clean ears, and I am proud to say that I can do so myself now…sometimes one in each ear at the same time.  He he…

For my big toilet business, I use a special padded toilet seat.  I have one at home and one at Ah Poh’s place.  I love sitting on my little padded throne.  Mommy always cheers and claps when I am done with my business and my favorite part is when I get to flush.  Wheeeeee!!!!! 

So do you agree with Mommy and Daddy that I am a “little big boy” now?

  1. soomingooi’s avatar

    I saw Ethan yesterday at Queensbay Mall. Can recognize him from far. Oh ya, he really loves walking up and down the escalator and he is so good at it. I didn’t see you, only saw Pete or else i would have say Hi to you.
    Ethan is such a cute boy !

    Joyce says: Oh, those two boys had a male bonding session together yesterday while I was out getting my hair cut at the salon. No wonder Pete said there were many people looking and smiling at them.


  2. michelle’s avatar

    hey your smile looks like mummy. Don’t bully your mummy and daddy yeah! Ok, …. one a while you are allowed too….hehehehe

    Joyce says: He does? Hehe….*beaming proudly*


  3. vivianz’s avatar

    Oooh… Ethan is really a big boy… So goooood… 🙂

    Joyce says: Growing up so fast huh?


  4. Sting’s avatar

    yes, you are a little big boy now.. so now be a good boy to mummy and daddy ya.. and don’t go waking up in the middle of the night wanting to watch tv ok? 🙂

    Joyce says: Touch wood…he hasn’t done that in a long time liao.


  5. mom2ashley’s avatar

    yes he is a little big boy!

    Joyce says: And a naughty one too!


  6. little_szeyi’s avatar

    Wow, I wonder when we can play escalator together? I’m still yet to master the skill of walking out of it on my own 🙂 I know this gonna make Mommy hysterical too, but we should grow up one day, yeah?

    Ethan boy says: Yes yes, let’s go run up and down the escalators! So thrilling!


  7. Allan’s avatar

    yup….big boy already. looks like he’s slowly getting back to the round ol days..;-D

    Joyce says: Really ah? Good lo…we were figuring out where all his food is going to.


  8. slavemom’s avatar

    Ur lil boy is growing up to hv a mind of his own. And it’s great that he enjoys grooming himself.

    Joyce says: He is growing up to be a big boy. He’s a little bit shy around strangers though, but we are working on overcoming that hopefully soon.


  9. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Wow Ethan, not only have you grown up, you write as well as your mummy now too!

    Ethan says: Yes, my Mommy is my inspiration! Thank you, Aunty Paik Ling!


  10. rinnah’s avatar

    Hehe… I think you give Mommy quite a number of frights!

    Ethan says: I was just having fun..honest!!!



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