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A Day with Gramps

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Today Mrs Tan had a day off; a day off from caring for Ethan while I was working, cos Ethan’s Ah Ma and Kong Kong from Ipoh are here for a visit in Penang, and they volunteered to look after Ethan for the first time the whole of today.  I was working from home today too but most of the time, I was in the *study room* with the door closed, unless I needed to come out (most of the time, I came out to change the DVD for Ethan if he was watching 😛 ).

We headed to the nearby mini market in the morning for some quick marketing for tomorrow’s meal and then had a speedy breakfast in the coffee shop.  Ethan was so well-behaved!  He really adores his Ah Ma and Kong Kong and since they arrived, he has been in a really cheerful, happy mood.  Before we headed out for dim sum brunch, Kong Kong even took him for a walk by the poolside.  I hope Ethan’s not too much to handle, knowing how active he can get!

When we came back after brunch at around 1:00p.m., Ethan had already yawned a few times so I knew it won’t be long before he fell asleep.  Hoping he would be able to sleep in Ah Ma’s arms without crying for Mommy despite knowing that I was around, I resumed my work in the study.  I could hear him giggling and laughing intermittently outside as he watched his DVDs, but a few minutes later, there was complete silence.  Well well, whaddya know, that fella had drifted off to dreamland!  I moved him to the bed and he slept for a complete two hours straight!

He woke up smiling and downed about 3 oz of milk, then he hung out with his grandparents till dinner time.  As usual, we headed for Queensbay Mall to have our dinner (and also for Ethan to expend his energy of course!).  Dinner was a delicious and scrumptious meal at Friday’s, and then while my Mom and I shopped for a few grocery items, Ethan pulled his Kong Kong by the hand here and there and everywhere.

Ethan had a very enjoyable day today.  The weekend started early for him this week, that’s for sure.  I’m sure he made both Ah Ma and Kong Kong very very happy too, as much as they have made him.  Sweet dreams, my darling Ethan boy.

  1. wen’s avatar

    so nice to have gramps taking care of Ethan and they get to bond too

    Joyce says: Yeah, we all had a really good time, and Ethan was so sad when my parents were leaving…


  2. rinnah’s avatar

    He looks so happy! But not as happy as his grandparents, I’m sure…

    Joyce says: I’m sure of that too!


  3. chanelwong’s avatar

    it is a great time spending with grandparents…I am sure..

    Joyce says: Ethan had a splendid time! And I am certain his grandparents did too!


  4. chinnee’s avatar

    so nice to have our own parents around hor….

    Joyce says: Yes, get to eat homecooked food samo…


  5. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Ethan sounds very well-behaved…and I think he is from reading all the posts! My mum took care of Bryan for one-full day last week and the next day, she had a fever! LOL! Tak boleh tahan!

    Joyce says: Well-behaved? Hahaha……can I send him to you to babysit for 2 hours? Seriously though, I do think he behaves himself IF we are firm and stern with him.


  6. Ceem’s avatar

    What a beautiful boy you have!!!

    Joyce says: Thanks Ceem!


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