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Easter Eggs with a Twist(y Thread)

A few days before Easter last week, I decided to try out a craft idea I saw on the internet recently.  I could not get the Easter Egg Garland out of my head and since I had all the *ingredients* ready, I roped in the kids to give it a go.

I made the starch mixture about an hour before craft time, to allow it to cool down, and then proceeded to demonstrate to the kids.  Just look at them having a blast.


It turned out to be rather goo-ey and sticky, but I reassured them that it’s okay and they could wash their hands afterward.  Ethan wanted to do everything himself, but Hannah asked for my help.

This is Ethan’s first attempt…a little bit loose on the winding, and he decided to redo the whole thing again later.


…and the finished product, all being air-dried.


The big one is the one I made.. LOL.

Unfortunately though, the 2 smaller ones’ balloons shrank before the threads could properly dry out, so we could not get a nice egg-like shape.

The next day, I removed the balloons from the structure and the kids were overjoyed with their creations.



There was a problem with mine though; I found it very difficult to remove the balloon from inside.  Perhaps there was too much glue stuck on it. 🙁


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