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Bible Verse of the Day

My future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades!

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“Name that kit” QP freebie from
Mesokee Designs
HoldEmUps from Tara Dunstan
“A Walk in the Park” eclectic alphas from Tangie Baxter Designs

Guess what?  Ethan’s afraid of the sun!

It’s true!!!  Everytime we go out for car rides or to the mall when it’s sunny out, as soon as the warm sunshine hits him, he will start complaining, “Aaarrgghhh!!!!  Sun!  Sun!! SUN!!!”  It’s just too funny actually…

And he wants *me* to reach over from the front seat and shield his face from the sun with my hand!  I always tell him, “Boy, you can cover your face yourself too!”  But nooooo……Mommy has to do it.

I always tease Ethan by saying, “How can you live in sunny California where all the surfer dudes are, and yet dislike the sun so much?”  Hehe….oh, and he is very happy when we allow him to wear our sunshades.  That picture above was taken about two months back though, where he is seen sporting my pair of shades. 

Maybe it’s time we got you your OWN sunnies, huh Ethan? 🙂

  1. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Mummy needs to take him out more often!

    Joyce says: Oh but we do!


  2. huisia’s avatar

    very soon he will need sunblock haha…

    Joyce says: Oh I have sunblock for him, it’s just I think he doesn’t like the sun in his eyes…


  3. Angeline’s avatar

    *laugh*…. oh dear…. I can’t stop laughing I saw how the title matched the photo perfectly!

    Joyce says: Hehe….glad to put a smile on your face!


  4. slavemom’s avatar

    Yup, hi time to get sunglasses for this cool dude. 😉

    Joyce says: I’m checking some out even as we speak 🙂


  5. chinnee’s avatar

    alamak, next time come back here so hot how?

    Joyce says: Dunno 😛


  6. allthingspurple’s avatar

    someone mentioned something about the way the roads are constructed over in the states, unlike in Malaysia. It’s something about how the roads are constructed directly in the direction of north south east and west, so when the sun is up, it hit your eyes directly? But I am not sure if I remember correctly? and also kids with lighter eye colours being light sensitive? maybe you can google on that to find out more?

    Joyce says: Oh really? I do agree that the roads in the States are constructed way better than in Malaysia though. But the concept you have brought up is interesting.


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