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Saturday at Gilroy Gardens


Daddy and Mommy took Hannah and me to Gilroy Gardens last Saturday.  I asked Mommy to dress me up in my pair of cool blue jeans and happily got into the car.  Hannah took a nap in the car on the way there, and usually I would too, but I was too excited to sleep as I was looking forward to riding on the “mare-go-wown” (merry-go-round).  I had been to Gilroy Gardens a few months ago, but didn’t dare go on the rides myself, but I am a big boy now and I was all ready to have FUN!  There were also many more pretty flowers now since it is springtime.

Daddy and Mommy got us the Lotsa Card season tickets, which means we would be able to go to Gilroy Gardens an unlimited number of times this year!  Yippeee!


I spotted the mare-go-wown as soon as we walked into the entrance, and pulled Mommy towards it.  There was nobody in queue and I was the first one on the little merry-go-round, so I got to choose the horse I wanted to ride on! 🙂


Further down the road, we saw an even bigger merry-go-round, and I just HAD to get on that too!  Even Mommy got to sit on one of the horses!

Next up, it was rides galore!  I think Mommy enjoyed herself too because she could not ride on most of the rides last time as she was pregnant with Hannah.  This time, Mommy got to enjoy some of them with me!  I only wished Hannah was old enough to join me…


When we were riding in these gigantic strawberries, I saw a really exciting ride in the shape of a giant banana that was rocking up and down!  I asked Mommy and Daddy if I could ride on it, but they said I wasn’t tall enough yet.  I must start doing some stretching exercises! 

I did get to ride on little golden fishies (can you spot me?), on a fire engine and in a racing car!



…and then Daddy went on a balloon ride with me too!!  Too bad only my hoodie can be seen…see?


Mommy couldn’t ride in the balloons because she was carrying little Hannah who had fallen asleep in the sling. 

Must have been quite comfortable for Hannah, cuz she slept for a long time in there…not that I wanted to be in the sling anyway!  I had so much fun running around because there were so many things to do!

Sometimes Daddy had to catch me and stop me from running, but I just could not help it!  We had rides in the choo-choo train, of course, but when I tried to get on the roller coaster, I was not allowed to do so because I was not tall enough. 🙁

We then decided to take a break to have a treat.

Hawaiian Shaved Ice definitely sounded good, and just look at all the colorful juices that would go into it!

I heard Mommy and Daddy say it was a very expensive bowl of ice with syrup, but it sure looked good!

Initially I made a face because it was ICE all the way.  C-O-L-D!!!!  But soon, Daddy, Mommy and I finished the whole cup!  Yummy!

The one thing we MUST do the next time we come again to Gilroy Gardens is to ride in the paddle boats that were shaped like swans!  There was a long queue for the boats so Mommy decided to take me on the giant artichokes instead.

And before we left, Daddy took me for a final choo-choo train ride.

…with breathtaking scenery…

Oh, we are SO coming back here again soon!

  1. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Picture-perfect day!


  2. michelle’s avatar

    Did your mummy go to gilroy outlet for shopping?


  3. KittyCat’s avatar

    Mare-go-wown – so cute 🙂


  4. rinnah’s avatar

    Looks like a fun trip for the whole family!


  5. Angeline’s avatar

    so much fun!!! Ohhhh… Hannah is such a darling, giving no trouble at all, so that handsome gorgor can play his heart out.



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