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Milestone after milestone

Two days ago, on Monday, Daddy lowered Hannah’s cot level.  It was beginning to look really dangerous, the way she would very quickly hold onto the side of the cot and hoist herself up on her feet, sometimes trying to reach over the cot.  At that time, the cot side was at the level of her tummy!  Now, it is the same level as he mouth…and she has discovered that the cotside tastes incredibly yummy…


At least now I can safely put her in the cot sometimes, when I have to urgently attend to her brother.

My little girl Hannah has been growing up so rapidly the past few weeks, I find that it is inevitable that I need to post a milestone post now before her 8th month update comes along!

  • She has begun crawling really really well now.  Sometimes when she doesn’t see me around and wants to look for me, she will crawl all the way from our living room to the dining and kitchen.  If she is in her *manja* mood, she will wail and cry while crawling!
  • She can stand, while holding the edge of her cot or the couch, or our hands, for support.
  • Sometimes we have even caught her beginning to cruise!
  • Since she can now sit steadily, we can put her in a baby chair when we dine outside in restaurants.  (soon, when I introduce rusks, she will have more things to occupy herself with)

  • She has cut her first two teeth!  I can see two bottom incisors sprouting!
  • And she is getting increasingly difficult to bathe.  Each time, she will want to grab onto my stool or the bath tub and try to stand up!
  1. huisia’s avatar

    time really flies, been a long while since i last read your blog and surprisingly to know that Hannah is coming 8mths old.

    My little baby is same too, everything seems edible for her.


  2. Angeline’s avatar

    Oooo…. its bite bite time…
    hope its not causing her too much uncomfort…

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