Bible Verse of the Day

Sending love and doing it his way

A couple of days before Ipoh Ah Kong’s birthday, I took Ethan card-hunting.  We were looking for a birthday card for his granddad, but I had no idea it was so difficult to find one specifically for granddads.  We saw loads for Moms, Dads, Grandmas, Brothers, Sisters, even Aunts and Uncles.

Anyway, we found one just in the nick of time.  Ethan chose the card, and I helped him prepare the card to be sent. 


Ethan wanted to sign his own name on the card, and I gave him the pen to do it.  That was when I discovered my little boy could write E, T and H all on his own!  I guided him to write A and N, and then we sealed the envelope, he helped me glue the stamps on it, and happily put it in the post box.

Ah Kong was very pleasantly surprised to receive the birthday card, and Ethan was just as happy!  What an awesome way to send love! 🙂


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