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Bible Verse of the Day

Their cups runneth over

I am very pleased that both my kids are fully on drinking cups now, be it regular cups or sippy cups.  No more bottles to wash, no more bottle nipples to scrub…

When we left for the States, Ethan was still on the bottle, and I had planned on weaning him off it while we were there.  I was about 70% successful.  He was only taking the bottle once in the morning and once at night, and then slowly we eliminated the night one.  When we returned to Malaysia, he went totally off the bottle for good 🙂

As for Hannah, since I breastfed her for 5 months without having the bottle, it was expected that she would not want the bottle, so now when she is at the sitter’s, she drinks from a sippy cup.  A toddler sippy cup, mind you…the kind without the valve.  We don’t have to worry at all about weaning her from a bottle 🙂


I bought these Tupperware bell tumblers from US, which comes in 4 different colors.  Ethan drank from these when he was at the daycare in US.  But now in Malaysia, he rarely wants to drink from them anymore, preferring instead to use regular cups.  The pink one is Hannah’s.  She drinks her EBM and water from that one.

The NUK sippy cup is meant for Hannah, but so far it doesn’t seem like she likes the spout very much.

We’ve also got these 2 cups for the kids.  Got them from Gilroy Gardens.  At first we didn’t want to get them because we only found Ethan’s, but then when we saw Hannah’s, we knew we had to get them both.  Ethan sometimes drinks his water from his “Ethan cup”.  It will be some time still before Hannah will be able to drink from hers. 🙂

Ain’t it fun being a kid, when you have all these pretty colorful cups to drink from?

  1. khongfamily’s avatar

    Love to see both your kids pictures in your blog. So happy go lucky…always smiling and such cheerful kiddos….


  2. anggie’s avatar

    Nice cup …. with the kids name …


  3. Doreen’s avatar

    I like the Ethan cup and Hannah cup very much!
    The cups were made of plastic??



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