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The Zebra with the Big Head

After several weeks of collecting the Guardian Big Headz stamps, some of the times Mommy had to insist on being given extra stamps for purchasing Star Buy items, and being presented with additional stamps from both his grandmas during Christmas, Ethan finally finished collecting all 40 stamps entitling him to a Big Headz soft toy from Guardian.


What started out as an activity I thought up during the school holidays turned into a craze for Ethan.  He obviously LOVES numbers, and of course seeing those 40 squares fill up with stickers, and having to count them every time he stuck those stamps on the card, was also one of the main reasons he was adamant to complete his collection.

Each time we visited Guardian, he would run up to the Big Headz display, hug the ZEBRA and say, “I love you, Zebra!”

No points for guessing which animal he would choose then.

And on New Year’s Day, Ethan happily stuck his 40th stamp on his Big Headz card.

When we walked into the Guardian store to redeem the zebra, Ethan went up to the counter, holding his card, and said loudly, “I want a Zebra, PLEASSSSEEEE???!!”

If I were in charge of redemption, I would have given the toy to him, whether or not he had a full card! 🙂

  1. Collin’s avatar

    You have Marty!!! A big-headed one too!

    I’m still short of….er..40?..:-p

    Joyce says: errr….they have names?


  2. Collin’s avatar

    Sigh. Koko Ethan…quick pester Mummy to take you go watch Madagascar…hehe..

    Ethan: Actually I watched already…Mommy is the one who hasn’t… LOL


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