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Teachers’ Day Celebration


Wow, it has been ages since I was involved in any form of Teachers’ Day celebration.  I remember bringing little gifts of flowers or cards for my class teachers when I was in school.  Of course, this time around, I would be helping Ethan show appreciation for his teachers instead.

A week before his school celebrated Teachers’ Day, I did a dry run of bun baking with Ethan.  He wanted to experiment with the kneading and forming the buns into shapes. 


Things did get a little messy and it wasn’t long before Ethan said he was ready to wash his hands! LOL


We did not use any preservatives for the buns, only organic flour, yeast, some sugar and salt.  They turned out quite tasty, though the dough should have been kneaded more.  Still, the buns tasted good! 


Of course, we could not keep them for a whole week, so I had to make a new batch the day before the Teachers’ Day celebration.  This time, Ethan was *busy*, so he only helped me carry the tray to load into the oven. 😛

Ethan decorated the biodegradable paper bowls with some marker pens, and *signed* his name on little Happy Teachers’ Day cards.  Then we put the homemade buns into each bowl and tied it up with some ribbon.


And he was SO proud to bring them for his teachers.  There were FOUR bowls because he has an English teacher, a Chinese teacher, a Malay teacher and an assistant teacher. 

Don’t you wish you were one of Ethan’s teachers? 😛

  1. Rosebelle’s avatar

    I think it’s so cool that you guys personally made buns for the teachers. I saw from my other Malay bloggers some of the wonderful gifts that teachers get from their students. Over here in the U.S., it’s nothing as personal. My daughter brought a flower for her teacher. Some students didn’t even bring anything.



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