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A Fun and Enjoyable KL trip

Last weekend we took a drive down to KL.  It was a 3-day weekend, so we got to spend 2 nights in KL.

For a long time now, when Hannah rides in the car, she has been turning her head to see what’s in front.  Hannah was still in the infant car seat which was rear-facing, and seeing that she is so curious about “what’s in front” (plus the fact that she LOVES being in a forward-facing stroller), we figured it was high time she was *upgraded* to her front-facing car seat.

Both Ethan and Hannah looked SO adorable in their matching car seats.  Here they are, all buckled up and ready to go! 🙂


And yes, they both have matching CHEEKY grins too.  I guess it’s hereditary.. 😛



It was a rather relaxing trip, and we didn’t really want to rush around everywhere.  But we did manage to stop by 1-Utama for lunch and a quick walkaround.  We rented a stroller for Hannah, and Ethan wanted something to ride in too, so in the end, he got to ride in on of the kiddie firetrucks.  I tell you, that firetruck was a BIG HIT with both his cousins, Collin and Jonathan! 🙂


On the day we were to leave for Penang, we decided to go for a short dip in the swimming pool in Pauline KorKor’s condo.  Believe it or not, it was Hannah’s first time ever in a swimming pool, and boy, was she excited!  Ethan was of course, the eager beaver, and he slid into the pool all by himself!


For someone who was having a first-time experience in the pool, Hannah really enjoyed herself, and she didn’t show a single sign of fear.



Ethan was even strong enough to climb OUT of the pool on his own!


We really had an awesome time in the pool.  I did two laps, and Pete did one (shortened by the fact that he hurt his forehead on the wall of the pool…OUCH). 

Ethan told me later, “Mommy, I had a great time in the swimming pool.  Did you have a good time, too?”

Of course I did, baby.  🙂



  1. chinnee’s avatar

    havent been dropping by for a while and my, baby Hannah is such a big girl now! u must be a proud mummy!


  2. Bart’s avatar

    Such a joy watching kids have fun. So adorable, your kids.



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