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Hannah at 26 months


Scrap Credits
Kit “May Part 1” at DMS from Nanine & Mélie.Designs


12 point something kilos, maybe close to 13 kilos even.


Around 83cm


Well, well…she finally cooperated and opened up her mouth long enough for me to count her teeth, and whaddya know?  Our little Hannah has 17 teeth now!  Yep…it’s an ODD number.  She seems to be missing her bottom left canine/incisor though.  Will take her to the dentist next month for a checkup.

Motor Skills

  • She is more or less comfortable with her movements now, and can do most of the things her brother does.  She runs a lot though.
  • Hannah loves dancing and will move her body to the music when she hears it.
  • Hannah can feed herself rather well, with either a spoon or a fork.  Of course, there will be some mess when she self-feeds, but it’s part and parcel of learning.
  • Loves to reach and touch the buttons on the elevator.  She can only reach the bottom-most row though, so she can only press G.  But she will still proclaim, as proud as can be, “See? I press G!”

Communication and Social Skills

  • Hannah’s competitive streak is beginning to surface.  For example, when a song starts playing, and someone else sings, she’ scream, “Noooo!!! Hannah SING!”  Thank goodness her brother is matured enough to say, “Never mind Hannah, we sing it together, alright?”
  • Hannah is becoming curioser and curioser.  She loves to ask, “What are you doing, Mommy?” or “Where are we going now, Daddy?” and when we answer her, she’ll reply with a knowing, “Ohhh…” Or when we tell her what we are doing, she’ll request, “Let me see…”
  • She can also express her likes for certain things. For instance, when she hears a song she likes, she will say, “I like this song.  What’s this song?” or when she eats something she likes, she’ll say, “Mmmm…nice.  I like this one.”
  • When she does something wrong, or when she accidentally physically hurts me, and I wince in pain, she’ll say, “Sorry Mommy.”  She gets this empathic trait from her brother 🙂
  • Loves to *socialize*.  When someone is on the phone, she’ll run along and ask, “Say Hello?” and then she’ll say, “Hello Aunty!” or whatever into the receiver.  That’s right.  She’s not shy at all, this girl.

Food and Feeding

  • Hannah is weaned off the breast during the daytime.  She will only ask to be breastfed after I have taken my bath at night and when she is ready for bed.  I’ll work on weaning her off her night feeds soon.  Just don’t ask me when.
  • She is able to feed herself with a spoon or fork.
  • She can drink quite independently with a regular cup or with a straw.
  • She is very open to trying new foods, and can eat quite quickly too.  Her current favorites are carrots (boiled in soup) and tuna sandwich.


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