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Let’s take a trip to Candy Land!


Candy Land was one of the board games Ethan played while we were in the States.  At that time, he didn’t quite understand the whole works yet, but he certainly had fun with Venice and Aunty Van that time.  I had wanted to buy that board game before we came back, but somehow procrastinated because I felt that the price was a little bit expensive.

However, when Pete came back from his recent trip and surprised the kids with the Candy Land board game, let’s just say I was just as ecstatic as the kids were.  At only USD5, it was a great family game that we could all play together.

Ethan and Hannah loves Candy Land, and it’s a game where everyone is involved in it, as each player has a pawn to move.  When asked what color pawn she wants, Hannah always replies, “Yellow!”  Ethan will take the Blue pawn (because that’s his new favorite color, after previously being yellow and red), Mommy will take Red and Daddy Green.

It’s one of our afternoon activities together at home, and also sometimes we have a game of Candy Land before the kids say goodnight.  Ethan says it’s his favorite game yet! 🙂


…well…better Candy Land than real candy, I’d say! 🙂

  1. Linda Tan’s avatar

    they r gonna be great playmates :). such a sweet brotherly love for the last pix…like…like…like…like…like

    Joyce says: Oh yes they are…and thank you!!! 🙂



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