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Hannah at 27 months

hannah_27monthsScrap Credits
Beautiful Spring Kit from Rena Designs
Photomask #10 from Kylie M Designs
Boxed words from Chantal


Possibly 13 kilos.


Around 85cm


17 teeth: 4 incisors on the upper jaw, 3 or 4 incisors bottom jaw.  2 canines upper jaw, 1 or 2 canines bottom jaw.  6 pramolars: if I’ve counted correctly, it’s 4 on the upper jaw and 2 on the bottom jaw (with 2 more appearing slowly).

Motor Skills

  • Likes to skip
  • Likes to jump on the trampoline.
  • Can be more or less independent on playground play structures and shows no fear sliding down slides, even those tunnel-slides.
  • Attempting to work the hula hoop.

Communication and Social Skills

  • Hannah’s getting into the hang of asking questions now, but she phrases it rather uniquely when she uses “What”.  She’ll say, “What the that smell, Mommy?” or “What the that animal, Daddy?” or “What the that color, Ethan?”.  We’ll then simply rephrase it for her, by asking her, “Oh, what’s that smell? That’s the smell of durians!”
  • She can sing many many songs, her most recent accomplishment is singing the popular A-B-C song.  Last night, I asked her if it’s okay that I record her singing it and she agreed.  Let’s see when I can get a recording to post here. 🙂
  • Tantrums are also getting regular.  Like any two-year-old, she wants to assert herself and test her limits.
  • Hannah is currently being trained to use “Please”, “Thank you” and “Excuse Me”.  Her brother is a very good teacher 🙂
  • She can count by rote from 1-39.  According to “Teacher Ethan”, Hannah will say “30” after she counts 39!

Food and Feeding

  • Hannah is weaned off the breast during the daytime.  She still needs to be breastfed to sleep though, but now in the middle of the night, she can sometimes be soothed to sleep without the breast.  We use the “hug method” or sometimes the “snuggle next to Daddy method”, the latter of which is not very popular with Daddy. 😛
  • She is very curious when it comes to food and wants to see whatever we are eating/drinking and wants to try it, if possible.
  • She likes to take cookies, tau sar pneah and her favorite ice cream flavor is “chocolate”, so she tells everyone.


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