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We’ve Reclaimed Our Bedroom, but…

Ethan and Hannah have been sharing our bedroom space ever since they came into our lives.

Ethan, who started from the crib, and moved to the cot and then to our bed and then to the mattress on the floor, had been indicating that he is all ready to move out to his own room, on the condition that the bedsheet is a Cars bedsheet.  You see, he currently has a Cars bedsheet, but it’s on a single mattress.  We figured it’s time we moved our little big man to his own room with his own bed, and currently our only available option is our 2nd bedroom which has a queen-sized bed.  So we had to get a Cars Queen-sized bedsheet set.

Hannah, on the other hand, has been wanting to sleep on her brother’s single mattress for the longest time, and has requested for a Barney bedsheet.

Coincidentally, we finally found the Cars bedsheet (in Queen size) last weekend, so we got it for Ethan and he was very excited when I washed it clean and laid it out on the bed for him.  He happily said goodbye to our room and moved to his new room with his new bedsheet.

The plan was for Ethan to sleep in the other room and for Hannah to move to the single mattress in our room, as a form of gradual transition.  But what we hadn’t expected was when Hannah requested to sleep on the single mattress in Ethan’s room too.  She wanted to be with her brother, apparently.


That’s not all.

She asked me to LEAVE the room and said that she could sleep by herself.

On the first night, I sat at the foot of her mattress till she fell asleep.  On the second night, she asked me to leave the room.  On the third night, she wanted to lie down with me.   But now most of the nights, she can fall asleep on her own.

I was still a little apprehensive if she would be able to sleep on her own, so since Ethan and Hannah moved out, we have left both the room doors open, and on almost every night, Hannah has either wandered back into our bed in our room, or she has cried and I’ve carried her into our bed.

I say “almost every night” because last night was the very FIRST night that she slept through in the room with Ethan.  I woke up in the early hours of the morning and discovered that she wasn’t by my side.  When I checked on her, she was fast asleep, albeit she had rotated 180º!! 🙂

That’s a HUGE improvement and we are so proud of both Ethan and Hannah for making this transition.  Shows that they are growing up in leaps and bounds…

…but why does our room feel kinda empty now? 🙁

  1. Bart’s avatar

    What a coincidence… we also started “weaning” our boys from co-sleeping with us 2 weeks+ ago. We most certainly welcomed the fact that we now have our room back to ourselves, but sleep isn’t as peaceful. We end up shuttling to their room because they’ve either woken up midsleep (and whining!) or need a night feed or need some comforting, etc.

    Joyce says: I suppose the process won’t take just one night to complete, but aren’t you thankful their rooms are close by? 🙂


  2. chanelwong’s avatar

    usually the second one will want to follow the elder one…
    same with our case.. Ariel moved to another room at earlier age because she wanted to sleep with KorKor..

    Big Boy Ethan and Big Girl Hannah…..they looked soo happy n proud of their room…

    Joyce says: Yep, they’re really growing up fast!


  3. Joey’s avatar

    Ahh…*envy* I wonder when’s our turn to have our bed back. We have been toying with the idea about buying a toddler bed for Ewan and put him at one corner of our room, then gradually move him to his own room but not sure if this will work. Toddler beds don’t come cheap these days…RM250 for the frame itself! What do you reckon?

    Joyce says: Every child is different, and while some methods might work on some kids, they might not work on others. So my suggestion is to let Ewan lead you. You could suggest the toddler bed and see what he says. Be prepared to fulfill his wishes for choice of bedsheet and bed though…but I’d say he is still quite young to move out 😛



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