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Hannah’s First Field Trip

Hannah’s class organized a short field trip to a local pet store a few days ago, and just like that first time with Ethan, I couldn’t help being a little concerned, although admittedly I was less concerned now, perhaps because the pet store was just a little distance away from school, or perhaps like they said, it’s so much easier the second time around. 🙂

In any case, Hannah was really really excited about it, and kept asking me each day leading up to the day of the field trip, if it was the day of her field trip.  She got up extra early that day and I could tell she was looking forward to the trip.

I opted to leave my point-and-shoot camera with her teachers, so that they could help me take some photos of Hannah and her friends.

First time riding on the bus with her friends:

Smiling on the Bus

Awww…don’t the little kids look adorable?


Probably posing with a clown fish statue:


…and a group photo! Yay!


Looks like she had a blast!  Now she keeps asking me when her next field trip will be.

  1. Pei Chuen’s avatar

    Hi, i have followed your blogs for quite some time. Lately i am searching for parent-toddler class for my 2 year old boy, which nursery you registered for your kids? Thanks.

    Joyce says: Hi Pei Chuen, thanks for the comment. I will email you, okay? 🙂



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