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The Writer in Her


I marvel at how fast my kids learn these days.  It’s true that I spend a lot of time with them, but I hardly ever formally TEACH them anything that is remotely academic.  We do a lot of free play, we talk a lot and discuss the things we see around us, we love having fun, sometimes we add some singing and dancing…but one thing I don’t force my kids to do is to write.  Even for Ethan, writing came naturally to him, and that is how I believe it should be.

Hannah writing

Hannah is showing a keen interest on writing, much to my amusement.  It started with scribbles and she would pretend to write notes and letters to me, and now she is beginning to form some words on her own.  Even her pencil grip is quite good, I would say.

Forming Letters

Her favorite word to spell right now, after her own name of course, is “COW”. 🙂

She would also form long imaginary words with a string of alphabets and ask me to read it.

She even surprised me when she would write something on paper and ask me what Chinese character it is.  Sometimes it doesn’t really mean anything, but she just learnt how to write the number ‘seven’ in Chinese:

Seven in Chinese!

Now THAT I can read!  Good job, Hannah!


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