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Our Little Ipoh Adventure

Two weeks ago, Daddy was away for a short business trip to the States, and so I decided to make a trip with the kids and their grandparents (who was in Penang for a couple of days) back to Ipoh.  It has been a while since the kids visited Ipoh so they were naturally excited.

The drive was pleasant as the traffic was very light and the weather was cool and slightly cloudy.

Here are some iPhone shots I randomly took of our 2-day trip in Ipoh:

Ethan enjoying a good read with one of my favorite story books when I was a little girl:

Hannah’s “Don’t I look pretty?” pose:

The kids had their BMIs calculated.  Very pleased with the healthy readings 🙂

A budding pianist at work on the piano…

Ethan and Hannah had a blast playing with their new lanterns (presents from Ah Ma and Ah Kong):

Thank you Ah Ma and Ah Kong, for a wonderful time!  We sure enjoyed your company…as we hope you did us too! 😀


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