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Emma at 3 Months

Scrap Credits
Shades of Grey kit from Xcenedra Designs
Grrrrr Collaboration from Emma
HoldEmUps from Tara Dunstan


12 lbs 3 oz (5.52 kilos) as of May 29 2013.  She’ll be seeing her pediatrician for an early 4-month visit this coming Monday.


I don’t have her exact height/length yet but she is definitely growing taller!  I can tell based on the fact that her 0-3 month sized sleep ‘n plays are getting tighter!

Motor Skills

  • Emma loves to coo at us and has even started “blowing raspberries”!
  • Emma likes to try to sit up, exercising her abdominal muscles.  When we lay her down at an angle, supported by pillows, she would try to pull her head up.
  • She kicks, squirms, wiggles and stretches a lot.
  • Her neck muscles are getting stronger by the day, and during tummy time, she would try to lift her head.
  • She loves to look at herself in the mirror when she is taking her bath.  I prop her bathtub on the sink and it’s beside the mirror.

Communication and Social Skills

  • Emma is quite sociable, and will smile when we talk to her, but only when she is in a good mood.  Most of the time, this happens in the mornings.  She does get irritable at times, when she’s hungry or tired…but don’t we all?
  • Her eyes will follow me wherever I go.
  • She knows how to get our attention when she senses someone is nearby, and when she is done crying, she will sometimes sob silently.
  • Emma is a very responsive baby, and we can have endless conversations with her.  It would look as though she is conversing with us in her own special way.


  • We’re still working on getting her to sleep through the night.  She has done it a couple of times before, but it is still inconsistent, especially when she is going through her growth spurts.
  • She has discovered her fist recently, and sometimes we would see her soothe herself to sleep by sucking on her fist.  Ethan calls it the “fist ice cream” or “fist milk”. 🙂
  • Her skin condition has vastly improved, but we are still applying some light creams and balms to help soothe her skin.  Her cradle cap has also improved tremendously.

Food and Feeding

She is 100% on Mommy’s milk.



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