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Happy Times with Gramps

My kids have a truly affectionate bond with my parents, i.e. their maternal grandparents.  Ethan and Hannah especially are very much attached to Ah Ma and Ah Kong from Ipoh.  When Ah Ma comes for a visit on her own, Ethan and Hannah will have to make a most *difficult* decision on who would get to sleep together with Ah Ma.

However, this time around, Ah Ma and Ah Kong both came for a short visit.  Ethan and Hannah were naturally very excited.  They had lots of things to talk and discuss with Ah Ma and Ah Kong, lots of games to play, including question games and spelling games.  Even then, Hannah would sometimes ask if she could take a short nap with Ah Kong in the afternoons.

Yes, such is their fondness for Ah Ma and Ah Kong, whom I’m sure love and adore them to bits too. 🙂

Ethan and Hannah would make interesting remarks like, “Mmmmm….now the room smells like Ah Ma and Ah Kong!  NICE!”

Ethan can even independently follow Ah Kong and Ah Ma around without me being around now.  He loves tagging along when they have their breakfast at the coffee shop and doesn’t even mind taking a walk back home with them.  Of course, Ah Ma tells me that Ethan’s pace is getting a little too fast now!  Haha….

Emma is still very attached to me though, but there are some signs that she would grow fond of Ah Ma and Ah Kong soon too.

Here’s to more happy times ahead with Ah Ma and Ah Kong! 😀

  1. Peiszong’s avatar

    Hannah looks so sweet in the first 2 photos.

    Joyce says: Thanks Pei Sze!



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