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Emma at 7 months

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Turns out I had been wrong all along.  At about a week past her 6th month mark, we took Emma for her well-child checkup and she was only 7.1 kilos then.  She should be maybe about 7.5 kilos now, I suppose.


About 61 cm at her 6th month checkup, so perhaps about 63 cm now?


2 bottom incisors.

Motor Skills

  • Emma can now roll around and move in circles.  She can also inch her way around, and sometimes when she is on her tummy, we can see her lift her butt ever so slightly to move forward.  Sometimes she moves backwards this same way too though.
  • Emma can sit unsupported for a few minutes now.  She still tumbles over and loses her balance though, so she still needs constant supervision.
  • She can hold objects (like a rattle) and loves to suck on them.
  • She loves to “pretend” she can stand when we hold her by the hands.
  • I can “almost” give Emma a bath all by myself now, since she can sit unsupported for longer periods of time.
  • She has a very strong grip and can hold objects very tightly, including our hands, fingers and my hair (and Hannah’s hair).

Communication and Social Skills

  • Says “Mum Mum Mum” and “Ma Ma…” a lot, mostly when she wants Mommy or milk.
  • She loves to smile, even at total strangers.  The catch is that she needs to be held by Mommy.
  • She is very dependent on me and sticks to me like a stamp to a letter.
  • She loves her siblings’ antics and always giggles when she looks at them.
  • She loves Bananas in Pyjamas.
  • Her favorite place in the world is at home!


  • I’ve started using a range of non-steroidal moisturizing creams and balms on Emma, in the fervent hope that her eczema will heal.  I’m also keeping her legs and hands pretty much covered all the time to prevent scratching.  I hope to review this range of products if/when it truly works.
  • I put her to bed on her back, but she inadvertently always rolls over and sleeps in a crouching manner with her butt up.  I wonder if it’s okay…hmmmm…

Food and Feeding

Her diet is mostly 100% on Mommy’s milk, although she has tried several types of food thus far, albeit in small quantities.  She sucks and nibbles on the following:

  • Steamed carrot sticks
  • Soft steamed rice (I’ve only given her red rice so far)
  • Banana (she will hold the banana and nibble on it)
  • Apple slices
  • Pear slices
  • Cucumber chips

She’s still learning to feed herself, and she loves to hold a spoon, even a spoon without any food in it.  I’m still going slow on her solids because she has yet to completely heal from her eczema and I’m afraid introducing too many different types of new food might make her eczema flare up again.


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