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Bible Verse of the Day

Emma at 10 Months

Scrap Credits
One Perfect Day QP freebie from Blagovesta Gosheva


8 point something kilos.


Not measured.


2 bottom incisors, and 2 upper incisors growing too.


Motor Skills

  • Emma loves to crawl around now, and will usually target her siblings’ toys especially their Legos.  Ethan and Hannah will dramatically announce, “Oh NO!!!  The giant baby is coming!  Hurry, run!!!”
  • Opens and closes her palms often, sometimes playing with her fingers.
  • Likes patting our hands when offered to her.
  • Learning how to stand for longer periods.
  • Tries to squat with support.

Communication and Social Skills

  • Calls me “Mama..” quite often now.  At other times, she just cries in a pitiful manner.
  • Can play for longer periods on her own with some of her toys, sometimes buying me some time to do work, like cleaning and cooking.
  • Loves to move her body to music as if dancing.


  • Not sleeping through yet.  SIGH.

Food and Feeding

Her diet is mostly 100% on Mommy’s milk, and she eats mostly fruits at other times.  Her favorites are papaya and banana.  We’ve introduced the following to her thus far, not a lot but she does seem to be curious with new foods, which is a good sign:

  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Garoupa fish (she didn’t like this)
  • Salmon (so far, she only liked playing with it)


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