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Emma at 21 Months

Emma-21monthsScrap Credits
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7.8 kilos.


Not measured.


15 teeth: 7 bottom teeth (3 incisors, 2 canines, 2 molars) and  (maybe) 8 upper teeth (4 incisors, 2 canines and 2 molars).  She wouldn’t open her mouth wide enough for me to check her upper teeth, so I’m just guessing the 2 molars have erupted based on her recent sleepless nights.  I happened to catch a glimpse of her 2 lower molars though, and I suspect a couple more are on the way.

Motor Skills

  • Emma loves walking everywhere now and I have seen her attempting to jump, tiptoeing a little.
  • She loves to climb the stairs on both feet, with us assisting her on her arms.
  • She can gingerly go down one step on her own.

Communication and Social Skills

  • Emma says “ma ma” quite consistently now.
  • Other words: “ball”, “woh” (when she hears a dog barking), “koh” (for “cow”)
  • Loves playing with her siblings.
  • Nodding and shaking her head to show us what she wants and is more consistently done too.

Food and Feeding

Emma loves food and trying new food.  She will walk towards anyone who is eating a snack or fruit and ask for some.

Some new foods she has tried this month:

  • Persimmon
  • Fried banana (“pisang goreng”)
  • Banana kuih (“kuih kodok”)
  • homemade pancakes – just a couple of bites


Emma is currently on some health supplements (carotenoid capsules and hydrogen-infused water) to help heal her eczema from within.  I’m pleased that she is taking well to the supplements and her skin condition is seeing much improvement.


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