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Her Tooth Pouch


Hannah will turn 6 this year, and she is expecting her first tooth to drop any time soon.  It could be next year too, but we never know.  No wiggly tooth yet, but it could come at an unexpected time. Anyway just to be prepared, I made her a tooth pouch to bring to school too, just like I did one for Ethan last time….you know, just in case the inevitable happens when she is at school.


She was so happy to see that Mommy finally finished the project, and she even showed her tooth pouch to her teacher!

“Mommy, I really LOVE the tooth pouch you made for me!” she would gush every now and then.

It was my pleasure, sweetie! ♥

  1. Joanne’s avatar

    Love that tooth pouch! But love Hannah even more. She is so adorable.

    Joyce says: Thank you Joanne! You certainly made her day!



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