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The Mystery of the Lost and Found Sweater

About five weeks ago, before the school holidays began, Ethan misplaced his sweater in school.  All the kids have the same type of sweater because it’s made as part of the uniform…something like that. So when he looked around for it and could not find it, he deduced that someone must have accidentally taken his.

We waited and looked for 3-4 days but nothing came up, not even in the Lost & Found.

Concluding that it was lost forever, Ethan took it as a lesson well learned.

However, just last night when I looked in his bag while getting it ready for school, I was SHOCKED to find his sweater tucked inside.  It is definitely his because he has his initials printed on the collar tag.  Ethan says he has no recollections of putting it in his bag, and he doesn’t remember anyone giving it to him on the last day of school too.


The only explanation is that the *borrowers* took it.  Dum-dum-DUUUMMMMMMMM!!!!!  Who can solve this mystery?


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