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Fire Trucks – A Story by Ethan


While I was busy sewing the tooth pouch, Ethan decided to write his first book.  Yeah, no kidding.  All his own ideas and words, with no help at all from us.

He finished the book on that day itself, and I’d asked him if he would like to color his illustrations too.  He agreed.


So after a few days of coloring, he finally completed his first masterpiece: Fire Trucks. 🙂

Here’s Ethan reading the book he wrote:

I love how detailed he was, for instance his book is from the Baby Kids series, and he even wrote the recommended age group for this book on the cover (2-4); according to Ethan, kids older than 4 might find this book a little bit boring (LOL!).  On the back, he wrote a personal message to the readers: “I hope you love my first book!”

Yesterday, he started on Baby Kids Cars, his second book; and he told me he would be working on a  Bumper Issue next!  He’s wondering if anyone would buy his first book now…Anyone?  Anyone? 🙂

  1. Argentinadog’s avatar

    Whoa! Any discounts for early adopters? 😛 Good job Ethan!

    Joyce says: LOL – let me speak to Ethan first 🙂


  2. jasmine’s avatar

    hey do you know that some publisher actually accepts children stories like this and publish it over here. I’ve been reading story books that Vyktore loan from his kindy that are actually written and drawn by children. How nice eh. I’m still trying to figure out how to contact them. Will let you know if I got any clue :).

    Joyce says: Sure thing, Jasmine. Thanks!


  3. Joey’s avatar

    You’ve got a Robert Langdon in the making there 🙂

    Joyce says: Thanks Joey 🙂


  4. leona’s avatar

    Really amazing!
    I liked the way he read the book… and the Nee Naw Nee Naw part!

    Joyce says: Thanks!:D I love the illustrations too!



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