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Saturday Morning Exercise

Today, instead of leaving Ethan with the sitter and hiking up Penang Hill, Pete and I decided to wake up early and head for the Botanical Garden with Ethan for a family morning walk (By the way, with baby around, “early” translates to getting to the Botanical Garden at 9:00a.m.)We loaded Ethan into his stroller and pushed him around the garden, following our normal route, except we didn’t hike up. Wow, I tell you… that little guy of ours must be close to 9kg now cos when we were pushing him uphill, it was a workout all right! Either that or we’re not that fit anymore la.

It wasn’t push push push all the way and we did stop and smell the flowers too though (pun intended). All in all, a good exercise for everyone and we would certainly do it again soon.


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