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Bible Verse of the Day

“All the more to eat with, Mommy!”

Yesterday I noticed that Ethan has 2 more teeth.  2 lower molars, to be exact.  The upper molars were supposed to appear first and I’m not sure if they have, but I noticed the lower molars yesterday.  So 10 in total.

Last night at about 3:30 a.m., Pete woke me up from my slumber and asked me to look at what Ethan was doing: standing upright in his cot just looking at me and grinning.  Pete told me this morning that Ethan was already up for quite some time gesturing toward the fan/ceiling.  I immediately brought Ethan to our bed and cuddled him to sleep.  Ethan loves to snuggle with Mommy. 🙂 He let out soft whimpers as he dozed off.  We weren’t sure if he was feeling teething pains.  We pray not 🙁

  1. huisia’s avatar

    wow,3:30am,he didn’t sleep ar?

    Joyce says: He did, but he woke up at 3:30a.m. He usually wakes up about once or twice at night (still).


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