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The Orchard Experience (Singapore Day 3)

The third day of our Singapore trip itinerary was initially planned as a half-day shopping experience in Orchard Road followed by a visit to the Singapore Night Safari at night.  However, because we were tired out after our zoo adventure, we decided to forgo the Night Safari for now, because of the distance we had to travel and also because of …. ahem…. slight fatigue. 😛  Well actually the main reason was because we felt our Ethan Boy would be uncomfortable travelling that long distance at night, especially since we anticipated that we would leave the night safari at about 11pm, at the very earliest.

So Day 3 was to be a *rather* relaxing day for us.  Or so we thought….

After breakfast, we took the MRT to the Orchard Rd station.  Ethan was beginning to get used to the MRT now and was not as fidgety as before.  In Singapore, we were offered seats on the MRT almost immediately upon entering the subway because we had Ethan along.  And I was very impressed by this.  Ethan however preferred to be carried by Pete while standing.  Here he is, *in action*…

It only took us less than 20 minutes to arrive in Orchard Rd despite having to switch MRT lines at Dhoby Gaut.  We walked around Wisma Atria for a while before meeting Aunty Susan and Uncle Edward there.  It had been a while since they had seen Ethan and so they were amazed at how much he had grown.  They brought us to Newton Food Center where we tarpowed lunch consisting of Singapore Laksa, Duck Rice and a supposedly popular Singaporean dessert called tau-swan


I later learnt that tau-swan is made from the green beans used to make ang-koo, and is cooked in sweet syrup and served with ewe-char-koay.  Oh yes, it is as yummy as it sounds.  We had our packed lunch at Uncle Edward’s son’s house, where we got to say hi to Christina and her 6-month-old son Lucas.  I didn’t manage to take any photos because I was so hungry!

Well, Ethan made himself comfy in Christina’s house almost immediately.  He had fallen asleep when we arrived so I put him in a toddler chair, which was something like the one he had.  And when he woke up and had had lunch, he discovered that there were many similar toys in the house that he was accustomed to.  Of course he had to climb the stairs as well – how could he miss that!

Uncle Edward then dropped us off at Paragon Shopping Mall in Orchard Rd after lunch, where we hung out and walked around, navigating the surrounding malls, like Tangs and Takashimaya.  It was hard work with Ethan insisting every now and then that he wanted a ride on the escalators or just to roam around, but thankfully we managed!

I had a chance to check out the breastfeeding facilities too.  The nursing room in Paragon was okay, but was nothing compared to the one in Takashimaya.  In Takashimaya, the nursing room consisted of 7-8 changing stations, 2 high chairs for feeding, hot water, a sink and a separate breastfeeding room where men were strictly NOT allowed.  Of course, there was a comfortable waiting couch prepared for the daddies too 🙂

Finally it was time for dinner and we settled on a cosy restaurant in the Food Cellar in Paragon called My Mum’s Cuisine, which served tasty food that tasted like homecooked food.  We ordered Assam Fish (Siakap fish deep fried and delectably prepared with tamarind sauce), Oyster Omelette and Spinach with Mushrooms. 


And Ethan enjoyed every bit of it.  Yup, amazingly, even the sourish tasting fish.  In fact, I think he finished about half a bowl of rice that night!

On the way back to the MRT we stumbled on a beautiful aquarium in Wisma Atria.  Ethan got all excited again and looked eagerly at the fishies swimming around.  Boy was he gonna love the Underwaterworld!  Maybe this could serve as a preview for the adventure the following day? *wink*

So our shopping day in Orchard ended on a definite high.  We didn’t shop till we dropped, but we certainly had tons of fun!  And oh by the way, Mommy also managed to squeeze in a quick purchase at Forever 21, just in the nick of time! 🙂

  1. simple american’s avatar

    What a full day? Looks like Ethan learned the importance of grabbing the hand hold on the MRT and had the emergency grip for his daddy’s ear. LOL

    Love the aquarium too.

    Ethan is all smiles. Makes for an easier trip, I’m sure.

    Joyce says: That’s cos it’s difficult to get a picture of him NOT smiling 😛


  2. chinnee’s avatar

    your boy really looks a lot like mummy 🙂

    Joyce says: So I have been told. Especially the eyes, right?


  3. Pei Sze’s avatar

    Near lunh time, I am so hungry reading your post………….You should have taken the photo of tau swan…………..

    Joyce says: Yeah I know I should have…. 🙂 Maybe next visit?


  4. WS’s avatar

    I like the 2nd photo of him sitting on the high chair…as if he is giving a ‘invisible’ ball and said ” take it from me’….

    Ethan surely a mummy’s boy..both of you so alike….not only the eyes but even the grin, also the same..

    Joyce says: Wah… you make my day! 😀


  5. Hooi Ling’s avatar

    I was hungry when I read your new post (mtg over ran, missed my lunch plan). I thought of skipping lunch initially, but then my craving came worse than a pregnant woman :p

    Joyce says: LOL – Hope you had a good lunch to satisfy your craving then!


  6. rinnah’s avatar

    Hahaha… so quickly Ethan has learned that the hand grips should be held on the MRT while standing! Pete’s expression is so humourous!

    I miss Takashimaya! It was my favorite shopping mall on Orchard Road when I last went to Singapore… and that aquarium at Wisma Atria looks awfully familiar!

    Joyce says: Another similarity! Pete was actually trying to avoid getting hit by Ethan 😛


  7. Angeleyes’s avatar

    You never try the ding-dai-feng in Paragon???

    Joyce says: We wanted to, but the prices were rather steep. Is it any good?


  8. ablogaway’s avatar

    Oh, now I know why… you actually planned for it (the Night Safari). I haven’t reached here yet yesterday, hehe…

    Joyce says: Now you know…



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