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Chatter matters

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Oooh yes. Another phase we are going through right now.

Ethan has moved on from asking “Apa tu?” to asking “What’s that?” almost everywhere he goes.

So our conversations will go a little something like this:

Ethan: Mommy, Mommy…what’s that? (pointing at item)
Mommy: That’s a computer mouse.
Ethan: What’s that? (pointing at the screen)
Mommy: That’s a volcano, darling.
Ethan: VOLCANO… what’s that?
Mommy: That’s the color purple.

Or sometimes when we are in the parking garage:

Ethan: What’s that? (pointing at one of the vehicles)
Daddy: That’s a truck.
Ethan: What’s that?
Daddy: That’s an SUV.
Ethan: SUV.  What’s that?
Daddy: That’s a car.
Ethan: A Car!  What’s that?
Daddy: That’s our car!
Ethan: *hop-hop-hops towards our car*

It ain’t always easy though.  Sometimes he asks some trying questions too:

Ethan: Mommy, what’s that? (pointing to somewhere on the couch)
Mommy: That’s the middle of the couch, darling. 😛


Ethan: (pointing to a decorative item on the wall of the restaurant we were dining in) What’s that Mommy?
Mommy: That’s called a buluh sumpitan in Malay. 🙂
Daddy: Blowpipe laaa!!!



On a separate note, Ethan likes to practise the many words he learns every day.  Pete related this incident to me one evening when he was fetching Ethan back in the car:

Ethan: Sunny?  Sunny outside?
Daddy: No Ethan, it’s dark outside now.
Ethan: Sunny?  Glasses…. sunnyglasses?
Daddy: You wanna wear your sunglasses.  No Ethan, it’s not sunny, you don’t need your sunglasses now.
Ethan: (pauses) Moon???  Moonglasses?

He is truly the JOY of our lives 🙂 

  1. Angeline’s avatar

    Moonglasses???!!!! *huge laugh*
    Very soon “What’s that” would become “Why this, Why that?” *laugh*

    Joyce says: We are bracing ourselves… 😛


  2. huisia’s avatar

    smart boy, at least he knows how to relate moon to glasses

    Joyce says: He’s so funny, and we love him so much!


  3. Angeline’s avatar

    *I’ve got a tag for you

    Joyce says: Thanks for the tag, Angeline!


  4. Bart’s avatar

    Fooh! Lightbulbs appearing all over Ethan’s head, eh?

    Joyce says: LOL! Can you just see them? 😛


  5. Paik Ling’s avatar

    He he the “Apa tu” sounds wayyyyy cuter!!!! You do have a lot of patience. Sometimes I intentionally give the wrong answer ha ha

    Joyce says: He doesn’t say “Apa tu?” anymore now…it’s “What’s that?”, “What’s this?”, “Who’s that?”, “What’s that sound?” etc. And as for patience, I suppose it is embodied in the whole parenthood experience, though I do admit I have a long way to go still!


  6. Collin’s avatar

    Koko Ethan! Good job in driving mommy and daddy nuts…hehe..:-p

    Ethan says: Your turn will come soon, Collin! *high fives*


  7. sasha’s avatar

    wah he can really talk now.. remember u used to be worried that he dun speak so much ? now everything is what’s that what that!

    Joyce says: Yeah, I do remember… he’s learning so many new things everyday now!


  8. lemonjude’s avatar

    Sometime we just don’t know how to answer them..wait till when he ask u why this, why that…u will start to pengsan…

    Joyce says: LOL….I bet that would be soon!


  9. slavemom’s avatar

    Dun need sunglasses but want moonglasses. hahaha He’s brilliant to be able to make the connection! My boy oso constantly asks “What’s that?” but he sometimes purposely ask, jes to test us, coz he edi knows the answer.
    Hey, I’ve got a tag for u.

    Joyce says: Yes, children are brilliant that way…and thanks for the tag!


  10. KittyCat’s avatar

    Hahaha told you not to worry about the slow speech. Don’t you wish now he’d keep quiet a bit???

    I’m getting the “what’s that”s and “WHY” too 😛 The questions they ask challenges us more than ANY assignment/exam/project I’ve ever taken on in my life LOL

    Joyce says: Yeah, don’t you agree it tests our patience and (sometimes) intelligence too?



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