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The Horsy Show

We took the kids for the Horse Show at Penang Turf Club a week ago.  We managed to find time on Friday, so it would not be so crowded.  Besides, we were due to go on vacation the following day, so Friday was the only day we could make it.

Ethan and Hannah were really looking forward to the outing, and Ethan kept asking us, “When will we be going to the Horsy Show?”  This was because we had to run a few errands before we finally drove to the Turf Club, but once there, the kids were ecstatic!  It was also my first time in the turf club and I must say that the Penang Turf Club is very well maintained.  Ample car parks located in a multi-storey car park, clean grounds and beautiful landscaping.

The kids immediately wanted to go on the horse carriage (RM4 per person), so we got tickets and got in line. 


Ethan wanted to ride on the carriage with 2 horses, and I thought it would be fun for the kids to ride up front.  Since there weren’t many people in line, we waited to get in the carriage and sat in front.


See how surprised and stunned Hannah looked?  She must have been amazed to get up close and personal with a horse for the first time in her life!  After she had warmed up, she kept saying and waving, “Hi Horsy!” and “Buh-bye Horsy!” 🙂


The kids were treated to a splendid display of different breeds of horses, each one in its own stable.

horseshow4 horseshow5


We also satisfied our curiosity as to what the Farriery Demonstration was all about.  There were farriers showing visitors how to make and shape a horseshoe, and also some real horseshoes on display.  Ethan was only too happy to be offered the chance to take a picture holding a hammer, as if he was shaping a horseshoe.  Of course, the person-in-charge had to look for a smaller hammer for Ethan 🙂


Our next item on the agenda was the Pony Ride.  We got Ethan a ticket and was already in the queue when our plans were spoiled by the rain!  SIGH…we got refunded for our ticket, but we were sorry Ethan had to miss the pony ride.  Ethan, however, was very mature about it, and said, “Oh, that’s all right Mommy…”

With the rain storm, we practically ran to our car, trying our best not to get even more drenched than we already were.  And as we were leaving, Ethan asked me if we could come back again.  “Of course, baby…if they have another horse show next year, you bet we’ll be back!”


  1. slavemom’s avatar

    Merry Christmas to u and ur family, Joyce!


  2. debbie’s avatar

    I didn’t know that Turf Club has such show…. i’m sure my kiddos would love that too.


  3. sharine’s avatar

    Oh… I miss this one!!! Feel regret… it’s really looks fun by browsing at your pics!



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