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A week spent with Gramps…

There’s no denying the joy that grandparents bring to a child’s life.  It’s that wonderful, magical bond that will bring on that cheerful grin and adorable giggle.  The beautiful thing about this bond is that it’s a reciprocal one. 🙂

Recently when their Daddy was away in the States on a business trip, Ethan and Hannah had the utmost privilege of having their maternal grandparents around.  A few days before Ah Ma and Ah Kong were due to arrive from Ipoh, Ethan had already started his countdown and kept asking me every day how many more days to go before Ah Ma and Ah Kong were to arrive.

During that one week that Ah Ma and Ah Kong were here, Ethan and Hannah were showered with loads of gifts, attention and love.  Now that Hannah is more vocal, she was also able to *demand* things, like what songs she wanted Ah Ma to sing to her and what pictures she wanted to be drawn.


Sometimes she would also “borrow” Ah Ma’s accessories to wear.  Hannah’s becoming quite the little fashionista, isn’t she?


Of course, now that Hannah can call “Ah Ma” and “Ah Kong” very very clearly, it makes things that much easier…surprisingly, the kids tend to behave a little bit *better* with Ah Ma and Ah Kong around too. (perhaps they bully me too much…SIGH)


Ethan will be chatting non-stop to both Ah Ma and Ah Kong from daylight to daybreak.  He would wake up very early every morning, so early in fact, that he sometimes reached school before his teachers did!  He would tell Ah Ma and Ah Kong all about his activities, all about his friends, and wow his grandparents about facts he learnt from Wikipedia (which I looked up for him)…like when he proudly told Ah Ma and Ah Kong that Jupiter has at least 63 moons and that Saturn has 62 moons.


Me?  I’m just extremely thankful my parents were here with me to keep me company during Pete’s absence.  It really meant a lot to me ! 🙂 … plus my Dad helped out a lot on the spring cleaning and Mum cooked some delicious meals too… hehehe…  Thanks Papa and Mama! 🙂

And after a week of quality time spent with gramps, Ethan and Hannah bade a fond farewell to Ah Ma and Ah Kong, but not before promising to see them again real soon during Chinese New Year! 🙂



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