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The Goodies that Returned with Daddy

Daddy came back home on Sunday.  He had been away for a one-week business trip to US, and although it seemed like just a short while, we do miss him dearly.  Ethan, especially, told me how much he misses Daddy.

Therefore it goes without saying that when Daddy arrived at our front door last Sunday afternoon, he was greeted with cheerful faces, hugs and kisses.

…and then the kids swarmed around Daddy, saying, “Daddy, I want present…” 😛

Well…urm…we’re still working on steering the kids away from too much materialistic ideas, but you know, kids are still kids…

Anyway, here’s a glimpse of some of the goodies and surprises Daddy got for the kids…


One could never ever go wrong with Cars 2.  With the movie release set for later this week, Ethan was definitely thrilled to see this 4-piece die-cast set.  He did not own any Cars die-cast *anything* before this, so he was overjoyed when he saw it.

As a bonus, the kids also got a new Lego set; Cars 2 themed as well.  That’s the box it came from, by the side of Hannah.



…and it had all these new cool Lego pieces, from which awesome buildings could be constructed!


And then, especially for Hannah, Daddy got her a pretty nifty little teapot set.  It had the sound effect of water/tea/coffee/Milo being poured out and also says things like “Why, thank you!”, “You’re very welcome!” and “More please!” to teach the child manners.



The kids also needed some new shoes and sandals and Pete chose some really great ones, at unbelievable clearance prices…anyhow, Ethan was too busy playing with his toys to bother trying them on, but Hannah, of course ever the willing *tryer*, wanted to try out all her new stuff.

Aren’t her new sandals daintily pretty?




Oooh…and I love her new pair of Mary Janes! 🙂

  1. Ker-Yng’s avatar

    Mr. Daddy is an awesome shopper!! Was he at Walmart or Target?? Those cars, even Hotwheels cars, and Lego and are cheaper in the US than MY. Those shoes are pretty, I’m very impressed that he got the right size too! 😉

    Joyce says: Yup, he was at Target. Target has special edition “available only at Target” toy sets that are really awesome! As for shoe size, Mommy was the one who provided the correct shoe sizes. It’s a very important piece of information to pass to guys when you get them to go shopping 🙂


  2. Charmaine’s avatar

    I love the black MJs. Always like to see little girls in pretty dresses and cute MJs. Your hubby has good taste. Hope he bought you some gifts too.

    Joyce says: Haha, thanks. Oh yes, but my gifts are not as colorful as the kids! 😛



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