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My Little Boy Turns SIX!

On the actual day Ethan turned 6 this year (January 31st), we planned a short celebration in school, as was usually the case.

Ethan had already requested for his specially-made birthday cake months in advance, and he had been very consistent about it; he’d wanted a Lightning McQueen birthday cake. Β So, … no two ways about it…I presented him with the cake he wanted. Β And he was ecstatic!


It was a lengthy process making that cake, but well worth the effort…especially just seeing the joy on Ethan’s face…

However, having a cake for a birthday celebration in school wasn’t the only thing we needed to plan…

There were still the party packs to think of, and this year we wanted to give Ethan’s friends a memento from him, along with some goodies and useful items.

I made yummy sugar cookies, in the shape of cars… in line with the theme of the celebration…


…decorated with royal icing in red and black…



…and then, personalized with each child’s name, and individually wrapped πŸ™‚



…and then we got these neat little steel pencil holders shaped like tins and packed the sugar cookies, some oatmeal cookies and jelly, and a couple of pencils in them.

This was where my trusty assistant came in, and he worked like clockwork… πŸ™‚

Every pencil holder had a message on its base, addressed to each child from Ethan…and my assistant finished the packing and wrapping within the hour…all done one evening when the kids were in bed!




Ethan getting ready for the birthday song and the cake cutting…


Yes, he decided to put the birthday candle on top of Lightning McQueen…


…and the kids had a short discussion on how best to cut the cake…





In the end, we ate just the bottom part and took Lightning McQueen the cake back home.



We planned a very simple “Passing the Parcel” game…or “Poison Parcel”, if you may; but in the interest of time, we tweaked the game so that one child in the circle is eliminated from the game every time the music stopped. Β The last three remaining kids will get surprise gift each from the wrapped parcel; gift being determined by the color of a randomly-drawn ball πŸ™‚



Interesting to observe how the kids “avoided” the parcel at all costs.. πŸ™‚

To end the birthday celebration, Ethan distributed the specially-wrapped party packs to his friends…



…and finally, a photo for remembrance…


Happy Birthday, darling Ethan! πŸ™‚

  1. ablogaway’s avatar

    Wow, you went to so much trouble on the party packs too. And they are really neat. I like the part with their names on. Bravo Mommy!

    Joyce says: Thank you! Well, Ethan will only turn six once πŸ™‚ – and for what it’s worth, I had a blast doing all of that!


  2. leona’s avatar

    Ethan looks so happy in d photos.

    Joyce says: Yep, I agree wholeheartedly! πŸ™‚


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