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Star Kid of the Week!


Meet Hannah, our very own Star Kid of the Week! …well, actually not just for last week, but for a few weeks running 🙂

She wears the medal when she is in school and keeps it in her bag, until it’s time to return the “loaned medal”.

Hannah’s school gives out medals to kids whom the teachers feel perform exceptionally well, and these Star Kid medals serve as a means of encouragement to the kids to keep up the good work.

Ethan has gotten it a few times after his first time some years back, and he was truly excited when he reported that he saw Hannah getting the medal during assembly that day.

Awesome job, Hannah!  You’re truly a star!


  1. Argentinadog’s avatar

    Yay Hannah! 😀

    Joyce says: 🙂


  2. Joey’s avatar

    Great job, Hannah! All kindies/schools should implement this idea of giving out recognition medals 🙂

    Joyce says: They probably do, but under different names.



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