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Frying an Egg 101

Ethan expressed an interest to learn how to cook, and today I told him he could fry an egg for me for lunch. 🙂

After all, seven is as good an age as any to learn how to cook, no?

I let him crack the egg into a bowl on his own; choose the egg from the fridge and hit it firmly on the edge of the bowl, then pull the shells apart so the egg slides gently into the bowl (he did it beautifully, with the yolk intact, and no remnants of eggshells floating inside).

Then I turned on the stove and explained that the pan needs to be hot before we poured the oil in.

Then Ethan poured the egg into the pan and waited for it to cook, and then he used a spatula to lift the egg out of the pan and onto my plate.

He was so pleased with himself, and he’s asking me what he will be cooking tomorrow.

Are there any Junior Masterchef classes in Penang? 😀


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