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October 2015

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9.6 kilos ~ there hasn’t been a lot of change to her weight.  Probably because she has been running around a lot lately.


Not measured.


After that first visit to the dentist, we can now confirm that Emma has a total of 18 teeth, with 2 top molars to come.

Developmental Milestones

  • Emma enjoys playground equipment, especially the slides.
  • Loves dancing and will move her entire body to music, smiling and saying “Haha…dancing!”
  • Loves to paint ~ by dabbling the paint with a brush all over the paper.
  • She is making short sentences now: “I want eat chicken rice”. “I want go downstairs”.
  • She asks “What’s that?” or “Oh what’s that?” to almost everything and anything.
  • She gives her opinion: “Hannah funny!” or “Ethan funny!”
  • However, I have noticed that she will assert her “power” when she doesn’t get her way.

Food and Feeding

Hand-spoon-mouth coordination has improved and there is more food going into her and less food outside, but cleaning up is still a headache.  She prefers rice but sometimes will ask for noodles (which she affectionately calls “tarpow” ~ because I hardly cook noodles at home) and “Koay-teow”.

She is still consuming Izumio and Super Lutein as health supplements for her general wellbeing and also to tackle her eczema issues.

Toilet Training

I am not consciously potty training Emma yet, but she sometimes does tell me when she needs to peepee or poopoo.  In fact just yesterday she said “Mommy, poopoo” and gave me that “poopoo” look.  I promptly took her to the toilet and she successfully made her first deposit!! 🙂

I am blessed to have Hannah who is very willing and happy to help toilet train her sister; Hannah will eagerly give Emma stickers for every successful toilet training achievement.

At the pinnacle of Hannah’s preschool journey, we have the school concert.  Unlike any regular preschool concert, her school prides itself in producing spectacular performances which is one-of-a-kind, in a edu-theater style and is a whole play in itself.  From the writing of the script, to choreography and to the beautiful costumes, I am always left in awe when I watch her preschool concerts.

This year was even more special than last year’s, because it was her final year in preschool, and Hannah had been eagerly waiting for the concert day.

Now, unlike the past years where the concert was produced in either tri-lingual or bi-lingual, this year the kids put up 2 separate stories which were loved by all: The Pied Piper of Hamelin (in Chinese) & Treasure Island (in English).  I found the story line more enjoyable when the concert is done in a single language for separate stories, like this year.


From the beginning of the school year, Hannah had been eagerly awaiting the concert.  From the inception of the play to the casting of the parts, to the selection of costumes, and rehearsing, she had been excitedly updating me in bits and pieces…so as not to reveal the entire story altogether.

For a bunch of 6-year-olds, performing this school play was no mean feat, given that there were many costume changes involved and everything had to be done in super-quick time.

Here are a few random shots from her concert performance.  Hannah played several parts in the concert:

  • One of the mice in the Pied Piper of Hamelin
  • One of the citizens in the village of Hamelin
  • Tattoo Charlie in Treasure Island
  • Queen Benjamina Gunn in Treasure Island (The original story casted this as Benjamin Gunn, the marooned crewman on a remote island, but in Hannah’s concert, the script was rewritten to replace Ben Gunn with Queen Benjamina Gunn)










We have every reason possible to be beaming with pride for our little girl.  She performed every single role with such passion and commitment, and she was full of confidence on stage.  I could hardly believe she was just a wee little baby not too long ago.

She told me later that she enjoyed performing so much, she wished there would be another concert soon!

Well done, my little snowflake!






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