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Our First Trip: Day 3 (final day)

Last day of our trip. Despite having to pack extra stuff because we had Ethan along, we enjoyed the trip very much… I think Ethan had a lot of fun, especially rolling around on the hotel bed. He seemed to prefer the bed and room in Sheraton Subang though. Plus he felt right at home, cos we brought some of his favorite toys along too.

Had lunch at 1-Utama where we again checked out the nursing facilities at U-Parkson 🙂 Ethan wasn’t hungry then, so we only changed him. He was SO excited that he kicked and squealed in delight, much to the amazement of the other parents there! Aiyo…I tell you, our boy really full of energy man!

After that fresh diaper change, it was homeward bound…. Buhbye KL! We’ll come back again soon!


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