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Soba Yoshi

Pete and I love Japanese food, so it’s not a surprise that Ethan loves Japanese food too.  He loves it so much that he is now so at home when we go to our favorite Japanese restaurant, Soba Yoshi.  He loves to walk around and explore the area when we are there, and since the restaurant consists of 2 adjoining shops, he always has a field day there.  The waitresses also enjoy his company.  Once, when we stepped into the restaurant, our table was already set for us, complete with Ethan’s baby chair and our appetizers.  Psst…now Ethan also gets a serving of appetizer 🙂 

Sometimes when Pete and I are eating and Ethan is making a fuss, the waitresses will willingly babysit Ethan.  Just a couple of weeks ago, they even took some photos of him and last week, they told me that they had already developed the photos.  When we were there last Friday, Ethan was as usual running around and he accidentally knocked his forehead on the table edge and fell flat down backwards.  But he got up and proceeded to walk around happily still.  The waitress was astonished as to why Ethan didn’t cry…. hmmm……

Good food and free babysitting – you can only get it here… oh and here too!

  1. rinnah’s avatar

    Hehehe… I notice Ethan cleverly went one round around the table, evaded capture by Daddy’s hand and went zoom back to his objective. Smart boy!

    Joyce says: He’s beginning to have a mind of his own now, that little boy!


  2. Vien’s avatar

    good service and free bbsitting! what more can parents ask for eh? 😀

    Joyce says: It’s a service all restaurants should provide!



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