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And We’re Moving On…

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Last Sunday we were at Jaya Jusco shopping for some clothes for Ethan. We picked out a few nice-looking t-shirts from the babies’ department but unfortunately, they all didn’t come in his size. Even those in 18-24 month sizes looked a tad too small for him. Ethan is wearing 2-year-old sizes now and most of the clothes in the babies’ department only had sizes up till 18 months. Suddenly, a light bulb lit up in my head and I figured we should be looking in the kids’ department instead. And would you know it, we found exactly what we wanted there. There were so many clothes in his size available, that we were spoilt for choice.

So looks like we have to move on to shopping in the kids’ and toddlers’ section now. No more baby clothes for our Ethan Boy!

  1. rinnah’s avatar

    Wheeeeee! Another milestone! No more baby clothes for Ethan boy… he’s gonna play with the big boys now…

    Joyce says: Yes, and with big boy toys too!


  2. shooi’s avatar

    i started shopping for bryan’s clothes at the 3yr old kids section since early this year….LOL…Trying to get more mileage for his clothes.

    Joyce says: I foresee I will have to do the same soon…


  3. WS’s avatar

    one thing good about shopping for boy, you can buy oversize shirts but can start to wear now…

    Joyce says: Yeah, and they look cool in oversized shirts too eh? 🙂


  4. chinnee’s avatar

    before u know, Ethan has found a galfriend liao..

    Joyce says: :O So fast??!!!


  5. Pei Sze’s avatar

    Hi, shopping queen, make sure you don’t get too many 2T shirt, he will outgrown them before you realise. Hin Lerk is currently wearing 3T shirts and 2T pants.

    Joyce says: But more shirts then we will have more choices ma 🙂


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